About Us

It all began with a little girl playing dress-up in her mother’s closet and imagining all of the dreamy places she’d go looking like she came straight out of the pages of a magazine.  That passion for fashion only grew as Alissa Bush decided to follow her heart’s desires and pursue opening her own boutique so she could ignite that love of beautiful clothing and perfect finishing touch accessories to women who were once little girls twirling in their closets, joyful of all of the wonderful possibilities. 

In order to gain experience and knowledge of all things fashion, Alissa majored in Fashion Merchandising in college and studied in France at the Paris Fashion Institute and Make-Up Designory in Los Angeles, California.  She has worked for many of her favorite retailers in sales and managerial positions in order to gain insight into creating her dream store.  Being a fashion visionary served her as a stylist in LA where she used her creativity to keep her ideas fresh and was able to bring those ideas to a magazine and advertising shoots.

Armed with everything she had learned she decided to open “Twirl” in 2008 with a unique business model of being able to bring her great fashion finds into homes where women could essentially play dress-up with their friends!  And even better were the price points for items ensuring that looking good wasn’t going to break the bank.  These parties for fashionistas were in such high demand that growth was essential so the first store location came about in 2011. In 2017 the storefront closed and moved online only. 

Naturally as word spread of Twirl’s inexpensive fashions that had a fun, flirty attitude, the next step was to open an online boutique.  Beautiful dresses, stylish tops, chic pants, seemly skirts and top-it-off accessories at the touch of a button to bring sheer delight and possibilities to start the day when twirling in the closet. 

Twirl strives to maintain a high level of service both online and in the storefront because customers are also viewed as friends.  The best friendships always have a strong basis in honesty and communication so we look forward to hearing questions, comments and stories of where your Twirl fashions have been.  We love bringing smiles to your faces and helping you look your best every day. 

Looking forward to twirling with you!